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False Imprisonment

False imprisonment is defined as the unlawful restraint of a person that affects that person’s freedom of movement. False imprisonment can occur when a person is physically restrained, chemically restrained, or psychologically restrained. Moreover, the person restrained does not have to attempt to escape the restraint in order to state a claim for false imprisonment. Read More

Hospital Liability for Defective Medical Equipment

When a hospital provides medical equipment for a patient’s use, it can be held liable if the device malfunctions and causes injuries to a patient. Hospitals can be held liable for medical equipment failure under various theories. For example, hospitals can be liable in negligence or medical malpractice if they fail to maintain medical equipment Read More


In the world of commercial business, arbitration is a frequently used procedure for the settlement of disputes. The parties submit to one or more persons selected either by themselves, by a neutral body, or by statute, and the arbitrators investigate the issues in order to make a final and binding decision. Arbitration is used in Read More

Laser Eye Correction Risks

Laser eye correction was once dubbed the new “miracle” eye surgery, promising a painless vision correction surgery. Now there are thousands of lawsuits filed each year for medical malpractice claims regarding laser eye procedures. However, laser eye correction is still the most common surgical procedure in the United States, with over one million procedures performed Read More

Who is Liable for a Heart Disease Fatality?

Heart disease includes a wide range of conditions, including coronary artery disease, infections, congenital heart disorders an arrhythmias. While the details of heart disease can differ between individuals, each type of disease has a similar outlook if left untreated: death. For this reason, doctors are supposed to be diligent about detecting potential heart problems in Read More

What to Do with a Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is difficult to contend with, whether the diagnosis pertains to you or a loved one. At this point, it is important to do everything you can to battle the disease and stand up for your rights. Your chances for survival depend on a combination of an accurate diagnosis as well as the right treatment Read More

Learn The Hoa Rules First Just Before Choosing A House

Foreclosure is the main topic on issues in Saint. Louis with over 1,700 foreclosures a month on average in your area. Many families who never thought they’d have to seek protection from foreclosure are now viewing a foreclosure notice and wondering how to proceed. How can Missouri and Illinois homeowners get increase their residential bank Read More

Human Population “Explosion”

What do anthropologists do about the population explosion? What are the current statistics indicating? This article will examine the current growth in population, the anticipated continued explosion and how such growth has affected humans since the Industrial Revolution. Since 2011, there have been approximately seven billion humans on our planet. By 2050, anthropologists and scientists Read More

Impact of Anthropolo

A study published  (the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) has shown that if school kids don’t move around enough it could affect their brains as well as their waistlines. According to kinesiology professor at the University of Illinois, Charles Hillman, “if you consider the anthropology of humankind, we were designed to move.” Read More

The Reincarnation of Idaho Salmon

Salmon – that was feared to have been instinct in Idaho – may be making a comeback. Clearwater River opened a fishing season for coho salmon, offering people the opportunity to try to catch what has become an extinct fish. It seems that the tribe of Nez Perce has managed to save and restore Idaho Read More

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