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Choose a Good Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident lawyer specializes in claims and cases pertaining to road accidents. A motor vehicle or car accident lawyer is also known as a personal injury attorney. The focus area of such a lawyer is to deal with technical and medical issues associated with car accidents and represent the client’s claim for compensation in Read More

Indianapolis wrongful death lawyer : GLF

Wrongful death can be defined as the loss of life occurred due to some wrongful reasons. If a person who dies a wrongful death is the sole earning member of a family, the family drowns under deep sea. As the flow of regular income ceases, the family may have to incur debts to survive. However, Read More

Personal Injury Law 101 – Negligence

Although a case involving negligence and personal injury can be settled without a lawyer, but this rarely happens. Personal injury lawyers play an important role in these cases; from assisting the injured party in evaluating the extent and nature of damages to properly assessing the claim B. A Minor as the Injured Party When someone Read More

Parents File Wrongful Death Suit Against Driver in Accident That Occurred Years Prior

Just two days before Christmas in 2010, a car accident in King County, Washington, took the life of a young woman as she left her home. On that evening, the woman was pulling out of a private driveway onto the road in a Chevrolet Cavalier. She was driving across the westbound lane, intending to go Read More

Pregnant Women Advised to Take Caution While Driving After New Study

Babies born in the United States have at least a 1 percent chance of having been involved in a police-reported car crash while in the womb. That finding from a University of Pittsburgh study being published today is the latest piece of information emerging on the death and injury risk to fetuses as a result Read More

Determining Future Cost of Care & Damages In a Catastrophic Injury Case

Whether a person falls from a construction platform and injures his spine, catches her hand in a piece of machinery, or is born with a birth defect that impairs his or her mobility, he or she will likely need financial assistance in treating the injury and continuing on with life. In today’s society, within the Read More

What to Do if You are Injured on the Job

Injuries on the job happen, whether you work in a hazardous industry like construction or even in a comfortable high-rise office. When you are hurt on the job, medical bills and lost wages can place a financial strain on you and your family. By following the appropriate steps after an injury, you can protect your Read More

Don’t Rely on Nursing Home Quality Scores

When you are trying to choose a nursing home for a family member or friend, you want to do your research to make sure you are selecting a safe environment. One way to compare the service provided by different nursing homes is to look at their New York State inspection reports, and the quality score Read More

Study Results Raise Questions About Vertebroplasty For Patients With Osteoporotic Spinal Compression Fractures; Is it Malpractice?

Have You Had Surgery Using Spinal Cement? Each year, as many as 250,000 people in the United States suffer vertebral fractures, which are small breaks or cracks in the bones of the spine. Even minor falls, missteps, bumps into countertops or other hard surfaces, and other every day accidents can cause these types of painful Read More

Three Strikes Rule and License Suspension

What happens to doctors who commit medical malpractice over and over again? Can they keep their licenses? Is there any oversight of doctors who are sued multiple times? The answers to these questions vary greatly depending on the state in which a physician is licensed. All states have licensing boards that are required to take Read More

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