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Understanding Comparative Negligence in Car Accident Cases

Car accidents are a common occurrence on the roads today. In most cases, determining fault is relatively straightforward, with one party being deemed entirely responsible for the accident. However, there are situations where both parties may have played a role in the accident, making it difficult to assign fault entirely to one party. This is Read More

How to Choose a Reliable Auto Accident Attorney?

Many people met with auto accidents but are incapable of making claims for the recovery of the injuries they have suffered from because of that auto accident. Such people should understand that filing a legal court case against another party is must, in case the accident has taken place because of their negligence. If you Read More

Car Accident Lawyers Making Car Accidents Easy To Deal With

When car accidents happen, one of the things you will be concerned about, besides getting medical attention when you are injured, is how to go through the settlement. Especially in cases wherein there are other people involved and hurts in the accident, it is crucial to determine how to handle insurance claims and face this Read More

Parents File Wrongful Death Suit Against Driver in Accident That Occurred Years Prior

Just two days before Christmas in 2010, a car accident in King County, Washington, took the life of a young woman as she left her home. On that evening, the woman was pulling out of a private driveway onto the road in a Chevrolet Cavalier. She was driving across the westbound lane, intending to go Read More

Pregnant Women Advised to Take Caution While Driving After New Study

Babies born in the United States have at least a 1 percent chance of having been involved in a police-reported car crash while in the womb. That finding from a University of Pittsburgh study being published today is the latest piece of information emerging on the death and injury risk to fetuses as a result Read More

When More Than One Person Is at Fault in a Car Accident Lawsuit

When there is more than one person responsible for an accident — for example, if several careless drivers cause an accident — the law in most states provides that any one of the careless parties is responsible for compensating you fully for your injuries. The responsible parties must then decide between themselves whether one should Read More